Our Committee

Magdalen Gates Preschool is a registered charity whose Trustees are parents, carers and others with an early years education background. Trustees report annually to the Charity Commission on finances and activities and are responsible for reviewing policy and practice, employment and appraisal of staff and Health and Safety.

Our AGM is held as early as is practical in the Autumn term and parents will be notified at two weeks prior to the event.


As the Preschool is a charity, it is reviewed by the Charity Commission, and all committee members are trustees of the charity for the Charity Commission.

Committee Meetings

Trustees are invited to attend our committee meetings once a half term.

Please contact the Trustees of Magdalen Gates Preschool by

email if you are interested in becoming more involved in running

your preschool.


Our Trustees are:

Victoria Chenery

Freya Penn

Tanya Stagg

Nonia Williams Korteling

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