Privacy Notice

Data Protection


We have to follow the requirements of the data protection act, when we accept and use information about you and your child, for example, addresses, national insurance numbers, dates of birth etc.


The Data Protection Act 1998 also requires every data controller (eg. Magdalen Gates Preschool) who is processing personal information to register with the ICO - we are registered as required.


Norfolk County Council says "The Privacy notice is designed to meet the needs of the Data Protection Act and should be brought to the attention of all children for whom data is being submitted in the Early Years Census. Early years settings are responsible for doing this for their children and the privacy notice might be included as part of an induction pack. Unless there has been a revision, privacy notices do not need reissuing on an annual basis.


The Privacy Notice refers the parents / carers to their LA website to see how they will store and use the data.


The Privacy Notices also refer the parents / carers to the DfE website to see how they will store and use the data. Explanations are provided on how the data collected in the Early Years Census will be used. They include details of organisations with which data will be shared, e.g. the Department of Health and Ofsted."